The dedicated reader (are there any?) will know that Karma is expecting a foal VERY SOON. Gulp. We’re pretty good now at delivering baby goats. Well, hubs is – but a foal? The vet visited recently and was very pleased with Karma’s progress. I was worried that Karma is basically about to explode.

It’s very important that the mare isn’t too rotund shall we say. Especially, maiden mares. Because if they are too big, the birth could be difficult. I’ve had Karma on a broodmare regime and the vet said all looks good. But I think Karma is just about ready to drop the foal because carrying that foal around is getting to her.

The other day, she was flat out, sleeping on the ground in the warm sun with Rosie and Muff. She decided to get up but found it pretty hard going! After several goes at it, she finally made it upright.

I tell you Rosie, lying down is fantastic. I feel slim again.

This sun is too strong for me Karma. I'm getting up.

Wait Rosie: me too, I'm getting up. I've had enough rest.

Er...hang on. Rosie, can you give me a hand. I seem to have rolled back over. This foal weighs a ton!

Ok let me try, two, three.

Phwar...this is tough work but I think I can get up. Just one or two more heaves.

Ok. I made it. Oh oh: is that a camera? Do I look fat?