Only in New Zealand I reckon would you find Hokey Pokey-flavoured milk. For my American readers, hokey pokey is as important to New Zealanders as the All-Blacks or the Kiwi bird. Locals will tell you hokey pokey is as sweet as (which is a common colloquialism). It’s similar to peanut brittle but without the peanuts and is made from sugar, golden syrup and baking soda. Good dental insurance is advisable before you bite into a chunk of hokey pokey.

I have a weak spot for Memphis Meltdown Big Hokey ice-cream, which I indulge in once or twice a week. But the other night, hubs brought home hokey pokey flavoured milk. It’s limited edition and has a photo of Richie McCaw on the plastic bottle (NZ rugby legend). I wasn’t convinced it would taste any good. Probably be too sickly sweet. But it actually only had a hint of hokey pokey and was pretty scrumptious.

I’m hoping that they decide not to have this as a limited edition flavoured milk and make it available all the time. After all, with everything else in NZ being hokey pokey, why not milk?!

Limited Edition - Hokey Pokey-flavoured milk.

A Kiwi classic: Squiggles are chocolate-coated biscuits with hokey pokey nuggets. Yummo!