I told you that I crossed The Ditch – over to Australia – a couple of weeks ago on secret squirrel business. It was secret squirrel because my great mate didn’t want to broadcast to the world that she was about to have a baby. But now that bub has arrived, well, she is like any new mother. Super proud of her newborn baby and she wants the world to know about her. And since the whole planet reads this blog, let me introduce the extremely cute Miss Emily Addison.

Emily or Em is now three weeks old. I flew to Oz four days before The Event – as we refer to the birth, which took place on November 23 by C-section. Along with my mate’s mum, Fritz, we enjoyed a few days of eating our way across Sydney. We visited a few of our favourite haunts: The Kazbah, Pasticceria Papa, Pasticceria Sulfaro (notice the emphasis on Italian pâtisseries), a great Chinese dumpling place in Chatswood and, of course, Mecca Cosmetica (also in Chatswood and a fav haunt for me).

My mate (who is fine with me revealing her first name is Karen) was first in line for the Caesarean op. Frankly, I think I was more nervous than she was. She was amazingly calm. Mind you, I’ve known her for close to 20 years now and she’s always been the calm type, so not sure why I’m amazed! Fritz went into the operating theatre with her for support. I remained at home with The Boys. Fritz texted me shortly after Emily’s loud arrival into this world and told me she had cut the umbilical cord (a proud moment for any grandmother if you ask me).

I hotfooted it to the hospital in the afternoon along with Karen’s brother, Jason, and his wife, Teresa. Normally, when tiny babies see me they start crying, so I wasn’t optimistic and stayed behind the camera for the whole visit. My Nikon D40 bit the dust (it’s getting repaired now) so all I had was an iPhone. I managed to take over 700 shots. Some turned out; some didn’t.

I held Emily for a brief moment and managed not to drop her. Amazing feat on my part. She has a set of lungs on her let me tell you. Jason was a very proud uncle and changed Emily’s nappy very proficiently (he has a 14 month old son).

So now my mate enters a new chapter in her life and I have a new role as Emily’s god-auntie. Here is a selection of my favourite photos and I’m sure you’ll agree with me (and Karen) that Emily is one super cute bub.