Well, another year goes by. Can’t believe it’s Christmas 2011 – seems like just yesterday we moved to New Zealand. But that was May 2010.

We have made the decision this year not to celebrate Christmas. Basically because we see it as merely a commercial exercise that has lost whatever meaning it used to have. So we have not bought each other presents and we are not cooking up some fancy Christmas dinner. We are simply going to have a quiet day lounging around with our animals and then we will be dropping in on our Kiwi friends. And continue the lounging around.

Last Christmas, I took a photo of Zeph with tinsel around his neck. Looking at that photo now, I can see how much he’s grown. I can’t find the tinsel so best I could do this year was drag a Christmas ribbon out of a packing box. I wanted to take some “family portraits” but the “family” wouldn’t cooperate.

Zsa Zsa was in a diva mood and wanted to play with the ribbon rather than pose for a photo. Zeph wore the ribbon attached to his invisible fence collar and hubs managed to get one good shot of us. He’s the world’s most active dog, so it’s hard to get him to stand still for two nanoseconds.

Karma decided it was all ridiculous but did momentarily stand still long enough for me to get one shot of us together. Rosie was too interested in trying to eat my iPhone and, when she wasn’t doing this, she was sniffing Zeph. Muff thought the festive ribbon was food of some sort and kept trying to eat it. So I wrapped it around my neck but couldn’t get a good shot of us together because Muff kept wanting to eat it off my neck. All you can see really is the ribbon and my earring.

Mabel and the baby goats were fast asleep in the goat house and I didn’t want to disturb them. So I’m afraid dear reader that the DailyOxford Christmas photos are pretty crap.

Nevertheless, should you celebrate Christmas, all the animals wish you a very happy holiday time with your family.

Me with my gorgeous boy, Zeph, who is now 14 months old. He's wearing the festive ribbon on his collar.

Zsa Zsa is now 10 months old. She didn't want to do a group photo.

Rosie wanted no part of the ribbon business and preferred to sniff Zeph, who you can just see in the background. They are good friends.

Me and my girl, Karma. I had to wear the ribbon around my neck. Karma thought the whole Xmas photo thing was human stupidity.

Me (sort of) with Muff, who is the father of Karma's foal. All he wanted was to nibble the ribbon around my neck.