Every day, when I put on my face (as my mother would say), Zeph likes to be part of the makeup action. I have a HUGE plastic box that hubs found for me. It has five compartments and I categorize into eyeshadows, blushers/bronzers, foundations/mineral powders, brushes and primers. I suspect he found it at Mitre10 – just wish it was in pink.

Zeph likes to inspect the box first of all and usually tries to steal a brush or two. But then he settles down, usually to watch the putting-of-the-face-on ritual. He must have been very tired from running around the paddocks this morning though – because he conked out. He missed my tutorial on how to apply foundation with a stippling brush. 🙂 Meanwhile, Princess Zsa Zsa – who should be into makeup considering she’s such a pretty, feminine girl – preferred to relax.

I’m a firm believer in having a comfortable and private space for animals to relax and sleep. In Zeph and Zsa Zsa’s case, we bought two large crates from the breeder and have “decorated” these with soft, warm blankets and cushions. The crates are side by side and, at night, we cover the entrance with a blanket so the dogs can feel safe in a dark, peaceful space. They LOVE to be wrapped up in their special dog blankets. Zsa Zsa particularly loves her den, which is decorated in pink – of course! We call it the Pink Palace. I often find her resting there during the day. Both crates are large, so there’s enough room for them to stretch out or sit up.

It’s very important to prevent arthritis. I’ve seen what arthritis has done to my mate’s dogs, Max and Tyler (I’ll do a post on Max soon actually and his battle with arthritis). One thing you must do is always ensure your dog is warm, out of a drought, and has a comfortable sleeping space.

I’m also a firm believer in making animals feel they are part of your life and family. English Pointers are particularly loyal and affectionate dogs. No use getting them if you want to shove a dog in a kennel and get annoyed if it wants to be with you. Same with horses really. Why bother getting horses if you’re not willing to put in the time necessary to get to know them and understand them.

So I spend a LOT of time with my animals and they reward me with love, affection and those crazy moments you will always remember (such as Zeph sleeping through makeup application!).

My treasure trove of makeup.

Zeph misses my tutorial on how best to apply foundation.

It’s rather hard to concentrate on doing one’s makeup when one is confronted with HUGE paws.

Zeph also sleeps through the tutorial on how best to apply bronzer.

Princess Zsa Zsa prefers to chill out in her Pink Palace.