Poor old Zeph. He’s not sure if he’s an English Pointer; a horse; or a baby goat. Zsa Zsa is far more certain – she knows she’s a canine Princess and that’s that.

Zeph is a major personality on the property. He’s THE most active dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with (and he’s my eighth dog). And this means he’s always out and about – running, barking, sniffing, exploring.

Since we have horses, sheep, cows, goats and chickens, it’s very important that everyone lives together harmoniously. I don’t want Zeph or Zsa Zsa afraid of a larger animal or acting in a silly manner with the horses or cows. This hasn’t taken much training as both dogs seem to have horse sense, especially around the stallion, Muff.

Zeph and Rosie get on very well and I often find Zeph hanging around her. No doubt that’s because Pointers LOVE horse crap but I regularly see them touching noses or sniffing things together. Although Muff’s a stallion, he’s a little scared of his own shadow sometimes so occasionally he gets a fright if Zeph rushes past him. But then they sniff each other and things return to normal. Karma takes the dogs in her stride; they don’t faze her at all.

The other day, I found Zeph sniffing the horse’s hay and even trying to eat some. Rosie looked on curiously. Then I found him hanging out with Cocoa and Latte. He often plays with the baby goats. At first, they were dead scared of him and RAN. Now, Rupert rushes forward when he sees Zeph and they play together.

I’ve always had animals but it’s not until I moved to New Zealand that I’ve had so many. And taken on NEW animals at that – horses, cows, sheep and goats – without knowing what I was getting myself into. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Each day, the animals bring me great joy and I learn so much from them. Because I’m still relatively new to horses, I have to watch their body language very carefully. I’m sure this has increased my intuitive abilities for I can now just look at Rosie or Karma and sense their mood.