Zeph and Zsa Zsa roam freely around the property but they also like to spend quality time with me and hubs. When it’s food-related – lunch or dinner time – you’ll find Zsa Zsa with us. When it comes to makeup or blogging, you’ll find Zeph with me.

I told you the other day how he slept through my makeup tutorials but he’s taken a keen interest in blogging. I suspect he’s about to register a blog and he’d probably call it Zeph-a-licious. He’s been helping me check the stats on The Daily Oxford and is pleased to tell you that many people visit the blog to learn about English Pointers. Zeph, of course, secretly suspects that these people only want to read about him and his exploits. šŸ™‚

Let me check what photos people are looking at.

I knew it! Most of the photos looked at are of ME. I really must start my own blog.