I was telling you the other day about how Zeph likes to spend time with me when I put on my face. But that particular morning, he was too tired and slept through my tutorials on the best way to apply foundation and bronzer. I was also telling you that Princess Zsa Zsa preferred to snooze in her Pink Palace but this morning dear reader – well, it looked like little Zsa Zsa wanted to brush up on her makeup techniques.

She shoved Zeph out of the way and plonked herself in front of my HUGE plastic box of makeup. She even brought her favourite knitted toy with her. So I was hopeful that finally I would have a makeup companion.

But almost from the moment ZZ settled down, loud canine snores could be heard. Zeph decided to snooze on the Australian Carpet, one of his most favoured of spots. It’s such a tough life being an English Pointer!

Zsa Zsa decided the putting-the-face-on business is too boring and nods off.

Zsa Zsa is very rarely without her blue-knitted toy. Too cute!

Zeph decides to have a snooze on the Australian Carpet.