Regular readers know that I spent 2.5 months working and living in Rome last year (and possibly will be returning for March and April of this year). I have an ongoing love affair with anything Italian – clothes, handbags, food, cappuccinos – you name it, if it’s Italian, I’m bound to love it.

I did find that some of the Italians in Rome can be well, shall we say a tad rude, but then so can anybody who lives in a large metropolitan city. Despite their sense of superiority and gruffness, I still love the Romans.

So when it came to buying a new nail polish, I looked for something that would remind me of Italy. I’m not one for doing my nails (as my mother would say). About 10 years ago, you would not have caught me dead without nail polish on my finger and toenails. Then I got tired of the chipping and constant retouching you needed to do and gave up wearing polish on my fingernails. But I always wear toenail polish. I usually go for a darker colour and I LOVE Baby Goth Girl by MAC, which is a gorgeous sparkly deep, deep purple plum. I think if I tried to paint this colour onto my fingernails though, it would be a disaster of mega-proportions. I’m out of practice that’s why.

I brought over from Oz my nail polish collection and am now down to my last bottle (OPI Samoan Sand, a gorgeous nude). So I thought for Christmas festive toes, I’d see what nail colour I could find that reminds me of Italy. I don’t know of any NZ brand of nail polish so I checked out the OPI collection at Farmers.

Bingo. I spotted a really pretty candy pink colour. This actually reminded me of the cherry blossoms in Christchurch but it did also bring back memories of stunning blue skies and the Roman summer. Imagine my surprise when I turned the bottle over to see the name of the colour to find it is called Italian Love Affair. And with a 10% off sale, I rushed to the counter to buy it and it will go with me to Rome should I return in March.

It’s possibly a bit too frosty pearl for me and maybe a bit too dolly Barbie pink. But what the heck: it’s an Italian Love Affair. Would I buy it again though? No. I much prefer Samoan Sand.

OPI Italian Love Affair.