Well, I finished the bottle of Dolphin Clinic Jojoba oil. I found this to be a great little multi-tasking product. I used it mostly as a hair conditioner – just before drying my hair, I plonked a small amount onto the palms of my hands, pressed together and then rubbed into my hair. It was great as a night moisturiser as well.

Because I have sensitive, combination skin with a tendency to oiliness, I couldn’t quite get used to using it as a daytime moisturiser. I felt a bit like an oil slick. But as a night treatment, it worked very well. Baby soft skin in the morning. It was also fantastic as a lip conditioner.

As much as I like it (and I would definitely re-purchase), I wanted to try another NZ brand. So I popped off to a health food shop and they recommended Absolute Essential sweet virgin Almond Oil. So far, I’ve been giving this oil a good workout. I mainly use it on the under-eye area. I swear I notice a difference – smoother skin. I use it to condition my eyelashes by taking an old, clean mascara brush and brushing a little on the lashes.

I’ve used it as a hair oil a’la Moroccan Oil (which I love and still use a few times a week. Fritz gave me a bottle as a gift). Four to five drops on wet hair and then either let your hair dry naturally or blow dry. You can also rub it into dry hair at night, have a fantastic sleep, then wash it out the next morning. Super soft hair is the result.

I use it as a night moisturiser – slap it on all over a damp face and neck – and anything left over goes on the cuticles and hands. I don’t think it absorbs as quickly as the Jojoba oil though.

The bottle is easy to use. Just tip upside down and one drop comes out on your hand or finger. No messy spillage and a very frugal product. 100ml cost NZ$14.95 and one drop does both under-eye areas and two drops does my face and neck. The Absolute Essential brand of therapeutic plant oils has no nasty chemicals, parabens or pesticides and they are not tested on animals.