Someone should have warned me about what a handful foals can be! Saffy is now testing boundaries. All sorts of boundaries. She is currently obsessed with me and tries to chew my clothes. I’m putting a stop to any chewing right now as I don’t want a horse that bites thank you very much. She chews on wood. She chews on plastic feeding buckets.

Then we have the running around in circles business. I kept mum and bub in our round yard for a few days so they could bond (given Karma’s cluelessness about feeding). This worked well because when they were both turned out into a paddock, Karma didn’t run off leaving Saffy wondering how she would get her next feed. Karma stood still whilst Saffy guzzled. But in the round yard, I’d often see Saffy running around in circles like a mad thing with Karma looking on helplessly like the new mother she is.

This running around continued on in the paddock, except Saffy didn’t see the brightly coloured tapes and went smack into a post. She wasn’t fazed one bit though and simply ran back to mum (who herself had started running around like a mad thing). Saffy decided it would be fun to test the electric tapes and promptly received a zap on the nose (which caused her to run and mum to run).

I’m exhausted just watching all this foal running around business!

Saffy at one week old.

I hope my bum doesn't look big from this angle!

You know what's about to happen - Saffy decides it would be fun to sniff the electric tape.

Saffy and Zeph seem to be very curious about each other.

All this exploring and running is making me tired. Think I'll have a quick foal nap.

Hang on - might be easier if I lie down!