Remember the upmarket rubber chickens my great mate brought across from Oz as gifts for Zeph and Zsa Zsa? Well, hasn’t taken long for them to rip one of Henrietta’s legs off. Poor old Henrietta is looking a little worse for wear.

Actually, she’s a great indicator of where the dogs either are or have been. I find Henrietta lying all over the property. In the driveway; around the stables; on the front deck; in the arena. I even found her once in a paddock Rosie was occupying – further evidence that Rosie and Zeph get on well. Or maybe Zsa Zsa but I doubt it – I rarely see little ZZ near Rosie. She’s far more obsessed with what’s going on in the kitchen and can be found mostly with me when I’m preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can almost hear her thinking: Is it dinner time yet? Aren’t there any bones for me today?

I think Henrietta still has some life left in her. Zsa Zsa likes to run around the house with Henrietta hanging out of her mouth, one lone leg dangling forlornly. But I’m contemplating getting Grampa out. He’s the other upmarket chicken and I tucked him away in a cupboard because I knew what Henrietta’s fate would be. I might wait until Zsa Zsa chews off Henrietta’s other leg before dragging him out though.

L-R: Henrietta and Grampa in mint condition.

R.I.P. Henrietta.