Whatever Saffy does Zeph and Zsa Zsa seem to do the same thing. Zeph is particularly curious about Saffy and she is equally interested in him. They’ve touched noses quite a few times.

The hilarious thing is to see Zeph and ZZ mimic whatever Saffy does. Whilst Saffy and Karma were in the round yard bonding, I went in regularly to feed Karma her broodmare mix. Saffy would guzzle some milk then lie down for a foal nap. Zeph and ZZ would often be just outside the round yard, watching the foal shenanigans, particularly the part where Saffy goes nuts, runs around and places her loooooooooong front legs and hooves on Karma’s rump. Yeah, I’m sure Karma REALLY likes that!

And more often than not, whilst Saffy was snoozing, that’s exactly what Zeph and Zsa Zsa would be doing right outside the round yard. Too cute for words.

I’m just thankful the dogs aren’t trying to mimic the long foal legs draped over the mare business!

Hey Zsa Zsa - that foal, Saffy, is having a foal nap. I reckon we should do the same.

Your legs aren't as long as mine canine pals!