The more experienced woman (aka older woman) doesn’t need to give up the ghost when it comes to makeup. I’ve known a number of women in their 50s and 60s who have told me that because they think they are “old”, they don’t see the point of wearing makeup. I even know some women in their 40s who don’t wear makeup.

It’s a personal thing I guess but I cannot imagine exiting the house without some makeup on. Of course, there are some women who are blessed with perfect skin (beeatches!) and features that don’t require a lick of warpaint. Then there are others, like me – pale faces with skin prone to having a hissy fit and uneven skin tone – who need a touch of makeup to bring out the best.

I also think that grey hair doesn’t necessarily do the older woman any favours. Unless of course you wear it in some chic style, have thick hair or fabulous gunmetal grey hair in graduated tones. There are many older women who look fantastic with grey hair. Judi Dench and Helen Mirren come to mind. I mean cop a look at this photo of Dame Helen Mirren – a woman in her mid-to-late 60s who is frankly, HOT.

Unfortunately, I can’t carry the grey off. My hair started turning grey in my early 20s, thanks to my mother and grandmother who both turned grey early in life. Lord knows what it’s like now but my NZ hairdresser (sweet angel that she is because she’s probably a good liar) swears that my hair is only about one third grey. Whatever. I just know I feel better having it coloured a similar colour to my natural colour (which is or was basically a darkish strawberry blonde). I often go lighter or darker but it’s always a reddish tone.

And so with makeup, you can still look natural and not like you’re wearing a death mask of powder or you’ve fallen into a bin of white flour. The key in my view is less is more. I blogged on this recently if you want to catch up. And so continuing my posts showing you that an old goat doesn’t have to look frumpy, dowdy or washed out, here is another FOTD along with the products used (at least I hope I don’t look frumpy, dowdy or washed out!).



  • I use a MAC Paint Pot (in Painterly) as an eyeshadow base. I’ve not been able to lay my hands on the legendary Urban Decay primer potion and I’m not sure I’d switch from the Paint Pot anyway. It’s a multi-tasking product – you can use it as an eyeshadow; an eyeshadow primer; and a concealer due to its flesh-toned colour.
  • Moisture Mist eyeshadows in Evening Sky, Soft Peach and Bronze. I’m not sure I’d repurchase as there’s not a lot of colour payoff and there’s a bit of messy fall-out.
  • I lined the upper eyelid with MAC eyeshadow in Black Tied. I then smudged this line and used whatever was left on the brush to line the under-eye area.
  • Moisture Mist Impressive Lash mascara in Navy. Two coats. I think a good navy mascara can be interesting and I like the quality of this mascara. No clumping.
  • On the brow bone I used Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Candlelight powder. Another fabulous multi-tasking product. I use it on the browbone; to highlight the cheeks; as a face powder.
  • For brows, I used Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow liner in Blonde. My brows are super fine. Not from over-plucking; it’s just the way they are unfortunately.


  • Moisture Mist blusher in Golden Copper. Mmm…just realized there’s a Moisture Mist thing going on in the FOTD. Golden Copper is a dusky sienna with red tones – best way to describe it I think. You can build the colour up gradually and it has good staying power.


  • Elizabeth Taylor Luxury Lip Gloss 03 Peach Satin. One coat is all that’s needed. Aside from feeling like you’re a part of Old Hollywood glamour by using an Elizabeth Taylor-branded product, this lip gloss has excellent staying power and is not sticky. Love the faux diamond trimming.

Old Hollywood glamour! Elizabeth Taylor Luxury Lip Gloss 03 Peach Satin.

L-R: Moisture Mist eyeshadows in Bronze, Evening Sky and Soft Peach.

Moisture Mist blusher in Golden Copper.