Before Zsa Zsa arrived home in April 2011, Zeph had the secret garden all to himself. This garden is to one side of our front yard and has a stream running through it. It’s largely hidden from view and, if you are approaching down the drive, you really only see a long hedge and you wouldn’t suspect that behind this hedge lies a secret dog world. In this hedge is an opening, which is the entrance to the secret garden.

But whilst I was away in Rome for nearly three months last year, I’m afraid that Nature took over and it’s more like the secret jungle now. My plan for 2012 is to weed and landscape the area, as well as put in new bridges (at each end of the garden is a wooden bridge that crosses the stream).

In summer, it’s a lovely, cool spot and bell birds seem to like living there. They can be heard in the early morning and late afternoon. And now little Zsa Zsa has discovered the secret garden. Or rather, Zeph takes her there. On hot days (yes, NZ does get hot in summer) Zeph likes to go for a frolic in the cold stream. Both of them like sleeping or resting on the grass in front of the garden, where the willow tree is.

So for today’s post, they’d like to show you their secret world.

Zsa Zsa enters the Secret Garden via an entrance in the hedge.

In the middle of the Secret Garden, looking towards the front yard.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa explore along the pathway that winds through the Secret Garden.

Zsa Zsa exiting via one of the wooden bridges over the stream.

The trunk of the willow tree just outside the Secret Garden. It's a lovely cool area for reading and relaxing.

Zsa Zsa posing on the lawn just in front of the garden. The stream is immediately behind her.

Zeph contemplates whether he should explore more or have a snooze. That's the same silly sun hat I wore last year. Looks ridiculous but does the job.

Zeph runs towards the garden. He's always running in or out of it.

Zsa Zsa loves to have a bone on the lawn just in front of the garden and under the willow tree.

Zeph is actually in the stream. I took the photo through the trees. You can just see the heart shape on the side of his coat.

Zeph on one of the wooden bridges, looking into the stream.