Ever since arriving in New Zealand in mid-2010, I’ve been obsessed with two things: Memphis Meltdown Big Hokey ice-cream and Healtheries Vanilla Chai tea. I have a Big Hokey twice a week (I confess to three times on a few occasions) and I have my Vanilla Chai tea every night.

It’s caffeine-free and oozes cinnamon and cloves with a hint of ginger. I’m sure it has cardamon in it too, which is a favourite spice. And all of this is laced with vanilla. Apparently, this spicy concoction is fantastic for digestion and it’s such a great hot drink on a cold, dark Winter’s night. The packet says the tea is blended in Germany from local and imported ingredients and packed in New Zealand.

I’m sure I saw the Healtheries brand in Australia. The company started in New Zealand in 1904 and there are around 400 product lines. I have been through so many packets of Vanilla Chai – I’ve lost count. I usually stock up at Pak ‘N Save when they have their Cheap As Tuesdays. Love Tuesdays at Pak ‘N Save. I think last week the Vanilla Chai was NZ $3.49 instead of $4.79.

I blame my maternal grandmother for my hoarding mentality. I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s place growing up. They had a huge pantry crammed with tinned goods, toilet paper, sauces and soaps. My grandmother told me that whenever anything was on sale, she’d buy it in order to save money. She also told me never run out of toilet paper. And so with these pearls of wisdom ringing in my ears, I have faithfully accumulated toilet rolls, boxes of soap, tinned soups – basically, anything we might need one day and is on special.

A great memory from my childhood is my grandmother’s pantry. I remember it as HUGE but I’m sure if I were to revisit it now, I’d be surprised at how small it really is. Funny how we tend to believe that houses and spaces from our childhood are actually larger than they really are.

Anyway. We have been reorganising our NZ house and I asked hubs to turn a room into a pantry for me. I will show it to you in a future post. And of course, I have all the specials from Pak ‘N Save hoarded in this pantry 🙂