Hubs suffers from dry skin patches. He’s tried everything but nothing really seems to work for him. So I decided to hunt down an NZ product that might help. I’m still sticking to my 2011 New Year’s Resolution – to buy NZ-made or produced. I may as well count this as my 2012 resolution too.

I also try to support local shops and businesses as much as possible but that can be tough. I’ll give you an example. I wanted to buy the new book by historian, Niall Ferguson, called Civilization: The West and the Rest. I can highly recommend this book by the way. I went to Paper Plus in Rangiora and they said it would cost more than NZ$60.00 and probably take a few weeks to order in. I politely declined, figuring that I’d get it shipped out from Amazon at less cost.

Sure enough it was on special for US$23.10 (around NZ$29.00) and the Kindle edition was US$17.68 (around NZ$22.00). I decided to buy the Kindle edition. Problem solved and at much less cost to me but at a loss for the NZ business. I’m afraid that things can be hideously expensive here in New Zealand, which forces many of us to shop offshore – whether that be in Australia or online.

Anyway. Back to hubs. I visited a few health food stores and pharmacies in search of something NZ-made and found Medco Aqueous Cream. I think it’s made in Auckland and is a moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin. It’s free of parabens, colour, perfume, lanolin and propylene glycol. A 500g tub cost NZ$5.99 and apparently it can also be used as a soap-substitute.

Hubs has a phobia about any cream that is greasy and he declares this product to be non-greasy – so it’s passed the first test. He reckons it’s thick but not too thick (don’t you love a man’s ability to review a product?!) and he’s quite happy with it. Hopefully, my search is over. I’ve bought quite a few creams, lotions and potions for hubs in an effort to resolve his dry skin patches.