I was telling you the other day about the hay. We’ve now discovered that one or two of our hens have decided the giant stack of hay is a fantastic place for laying eggs. All very well but Zeph is obsessed with sniffing things out. Zeph gets obsessed over many things. He was obsessed over Saffy for a few days. Then he dumped her for Rupert because Rupert LOVES to play let’s try and head butt the bigger animal.

Zeph thinks this head-butting business is jolly good fun and some sort of new puppy game. Sooner or later we’re going to have to tip Rupert’s horns (I think that’s what you call it – when you take the tips off the horns to make them blunt). And then we have Rosie. Zeph really likes Rosie and can often be found in the same paddock with her or in the race somewhere near her.

Mind you, Rosie has dumped Zeph because she has her own obsession – Saffy. She spends all her time outside Karma and Saffy’s paddock staring at the foal. When Saffy is a bit older, I’ll re-introduce Karma to the herd and Saffy will join the other horses with her mum. But for the moment, Rosie is fixated on Saffy.

But back to the chickens. We found some eggs in the hay stack shortly after the hay was stored. And then we found Zeph disappearing only to be located somewhere up high, balancing on the bales of hay. Not sure how many eggs he’s found but he has a pretty satisfied look on his face don’t you think? Or is that a guilty look?