Saffy is the most awesome foal. Bold and curious. I’ve been schooling her since her first week of life. She now accepts me draping myself all over her and rubbing her belly vigorously. She has no problems with me lifting up all four hooves. And she loves nothing more than a good groom in the sun (followed by inspection of the grooming brush).

She’s now eating hay and grass. But what irks her mum, Karma, is that she likes to scoff some broodmare mix. When Karma gets her food, Saffy usually dives right into the bucket. And when Karma gets some hay, little Saffy likes to sleep on top of it, forcing her mum to eat around the edges. Karma is the dream mum – she’s eternally patient with her foal.

Meanwhile, Rosie is totally fixated on Saffy. She hangs around outside the paddock and just stares at the foal. Saffy’s a little wary of such a big horse but goes with Karma to the fence to sniff noses. Karma and Rosie are BFFs so no doubt Karma is telling Saffy not to worry.

Ah good, that human waiter has delivered mum's food. Let me have a look at tonight's menu. (That's Rosie outside the paddock, obsessed).

While Mum's checking out the hay, I'll scoff more food.


What? No more left?

Hey you! Human waiter! Can I get some more of this broodmare mix?

Hello? Didn't you hear me? I said I want more!