Our English Pointers LOVE to be wrapped up in blankets when they go to bed. I’m not sure if this is because they are a bit ah, weird or whether this is standard fare for Pointers. What gives me hope is that Zeph’s grandmother and mother (who live inside with Zeph’s breeder) spend a lot of time snoozing on a couch covered with blankets. So maybe it’s hereditary.

At night, when Zeph and little Zsa Zsa relax, they can be found under blankets. And they love nothing more than getting into their crates when it’s bedtime. Both of them sit, waiting to be wrapped up. Zsa Zsa has a pink blanket and Zeph a blue one (no stereotyping here!).

In the morning, we usually find little ZZ has uncovered herself but this is how we always find Zeph.

One paw elegantly extended. His nose just visible. We sometimes find him so completely covered, it’s hard to know which end is which. Zeph loves his sleep and is reluctant to get up in the morning, whilst ZZ is ready and waiting for breakfast. She bolts downstairs to see what the Pointer breakfast menu is, leaving Zeph to awaken and stretch leisurely. Oh, I just realised – somehow he has one of Zsa Zsa’s blankets in his crate. You can see it’s pink.