Zsa Zsa looks like a sweetheart puppy (which she is) but when it comes to soft toys, she turns feral. Thankfully, Zeph and Zsa Zsa’s breeder has a large collection of stuffed animals and toys for sale. Thank goodness they are NZ$2.00 each because Zsa Zsa can destroy one toy in less than an hour or two.

Once a week, they both go to puppy day care at the breeders. This is good for them as they get to socialise with other Pointers as well as different breeds of dogs that are also there for day or long-term care. Zeph is apparently besotted with a Pointer called Coco. No wonder he can’t wait to leap out of the car when we arrive.

When I picked them up later in the day, I bought a couple of toys for them (since the others have been destroyed) and selected a large green star-shaped toy as well as a toy reminiscent of Snoopy. I plonked them in the front seat of my car, put Zeph and ZZ in the back and started chatting with Jenny (the breeder). It took ZZ all of two nanoseconds to scramble onto the front seat and claim both toys, which she dragged onto the back seat.

We get home and ZZ grabs the snoopy toy in her mouth and runs all over the yard with Zeph chasing her. They had quite a few hours of fun, accompanied by lots of growling, but then I saw that the snoopy toy had suffered a mortal wound. Zsa Zsa had done her usual thing – thrashed the toy to death, inflicted a few bite marks until she found an opening, then ripped out the white fluffy stuffing. Naturally, the stuffing was strewn all over the front yard. Guess who had to clean that up!

I can’t tell you how many soft toys little Princess Zsa Zsa has been through. And when it comes to these toys, watch out: she’s no Princess.

Back off Zeph! This Snoopy dog thing is all mine.

Maybe I'll let you play with it.

Okay let's rumble!

Nah Zsa Zsa: I've got better things to do, like sniff out rabbits.

Oh Zeph: don't you want to help me rip out the stuffing?

A few hours later - the toy lay abandoned to its fate.

With its guts ripped out by Princess Zsa Zsa.

Zsa Zsa caught in action.

And after ripping the toy to pieces, Zsa Zsa decides to have a snooze on the remains.