If I had my way, I’d decorate the house in 1950s style. Or possibly 1970s – love all that orange, mustard brown, gold and wood look that was favoured back then. But I think the 50s were more stylish and full use was made of space-age, atomic era furnishings and accessories. So I reckon I’d go 1950s style.

Hubs has never favoured mid-20th Century decor. Being a Modernist architect, he’s into that Frank Lloyd Wright “form follows function” aesthetic. So it’s about a simple industrial look for him. If ever I’ve steered near something that whiffs of mid-20th Century, hubs declares I have no taste. 🙂 And possibly you’d agree with him, knowing that I like the 1970s look.

We’ve been tarting up our rural NZ home. This has been a really difficult challenge. I wanted to pull it down and build something that is more our taste (which would be something a’la Frank Lloyd Wright because hubs always wins the design argument!). But this didn’t make economic sense and a very modern looking home amongst all the rural farm houses around here would have stuck out like you know what.

So we’ve simply made some cosmetic changes, including a fresh paint job throughout the house. This has made a world of difference actually. But it then meant we needed to rearrange artwork and it left the kitchen in need of a different clock. We’ve had the same wall clock for over 10 years and it expired about three months ago. We had a look at a few clocks but didn’t like what we saw. The current fashion seems to be colonial revival, which we’re not into.

Imagine my DELIGHT dear reader when I spotted a multi-coloured metal starburst oh-so-1950s wall clock in Christchurch. I wasn’t going to bother showing it to hubs as I thought he’d carry on about bad taste but….he looked over in the direction of the clock and declared it to be a work of art. I skillfully hid my excitement. Not appearing too eager is critical when you’re dealing with an architect who has a dislike for mid-2oth century decor.

He went over to examine it and decided it would be perfect for the kitchen area. And bonus – 50% off. It is now ensconced in our kitchen, along with the other retro item I managed to sneak in. Well, actually I didn’t have to sneak it in because hubs liked it too. I’m wondering if he secretly likes 1950s, 1960s decor but is too reticent to admit it.

Now, I wonder how I could persuade him to like a kidney-shaped coffee table – very popular during the 1950s.

Starburst clocks were hugely popular in the 1950s.