Dear Reader. The DailyOxford will be morphing into the Daily South African, followed closely by the DailyRome (again). I’ll be on the road from this week until the end of May. First up, Johannesburg to visit my mother and sister-in-law. Then to Durban to meet the best buddy of my Dad during WWII. They flew together in the 127 Squadron RAF and he contacted me recently.

Then a week or so back in New Zealand before going to Rome again for two months. I’ve just had a couple of days up in Wellington, chairing a conference – so thankfully, my bag is somewhat packed. Pups have been shipped off already to extended puppy day care and I miss them. 😦

I’m not taking my laptop or iPad with me to South Africa so don’t know how often I’ll be able to post stuff. But I am taking my plastic fantastic cameras with me and am hoping for plenty of Diana F+ photographic opps. Don’t go hitting the unsubscribe button dear reader for, as Arnie says, I’ll be back!

Dodgy iPhone shot of the beautiful Wellington sunrise.