It was time for Karma to be reintroduced to Rosie and Muff. And it was time for the world’s sweetest foal to meet her Dad and Rosie. Even though Karma and Saffy have been in their own paddock since Saffy’s birth, the other horses have been in the race and have sniffed Karma and Saffy over the fence.

But horses are herd animals and should run and be boarded together as a herd. Whatever squabbles happen, well…they’ll sort it out. I have to admit to a dose of nerves the day my good Kiwi mate came over to help me introduce Saffy and Karma. I had all sorts of visions in my head from Rosie (who is a LARGE horse) stomping on Saffy to Muff getting aggressive towards her.

I need not have worried though. There was a fair bit of frantic galloping around for ten minutes and Karma once again showed herself to be a very good mum. She kept Saffy by her side and put herself between Saffy and the other horses, protecting her foal. The real surprise was Saffy – that little foal can run fast and she has beautiful leg action.

I kept going out to visit them during the day to make sure all was well. And it was soooooooo cute to see that Rosie has taken on the role of auntie. Whilst Karma was grazing or snoozing, Rosie watched over Saffy whilst the little foal slept. Muff couldn’t quite work out what he was supposed to do at first. He just wanted to meet his foal but Karma wasn’t having any of that.

By the end of the day, Muff had decided he should do what stallions are supposed to do – bring up the rear of the herd and watch out for predators. Well, I’ll let him think that. The truth is that boss mare Karma was keeping him at a distance and Rosie was too besotted with having her BFF, Karma, back along with a cute wee foal for her to mother and protect. Horses!

Karma, the mum, is the chestnut mare in front. Saffy is sleeping on the ground between her and Rosie. Muff, the father, is resting behind them.

Just a few hours into being introduced to the herd, Saffy was more than comfortable to zonk out with Rosie (who now thinks she’s Saffy’s mum).

By the end of the day, Saffy was starting to get closer to her dad, Muff.