Mabel and her goat babies, Rupert, Latte and Cocoa, now have their very own large paddock. It’s taken us a few weeks to erect goat-proof fencing and extend the fence line on one side of the paddock so that the goats can now get into a dense area of trees and shrubs.

Cocoa will be leaving us when she’s around four months old. She’s being adopted by Kiwi friends. I’ll be sad to see her go as she’s very sweet but Rupert and Latte are more than a handful. Rupert and Latte are the very best of mates and, of course, Zeph would be devastated if Latte left us.

We are planning on building up our herd of goats. We have found goats to be highly intelligent and great animals to have around. We’re planning on getting maybe another three or four goats and we are currently building a large shelter in the paddock Mabel and her babies have just been introduced to.

Mabel leads her babies on a tour of their new home.