I was telling you yesterday about my visit to Johannesburg and all the security necessary. It could be that my sister-in-law is overly concerned with security but, then again, she has been robbed on a number of occasions, including having a gun pointed to her head when some dudes stole her car and drove off with it and her handbag. I think if that had happened to me, I’d now be driving around in a Hummer festooned with AK-47s.

Makes me really value and appreciate the freedom I have in New Zealand. We always lock our doors and windows but I’m pretty sure that if we didn’t, the house and its contents would still be there on our return. We don’t have to live behind razor wire fencing and I can have English Pointers as pets rather than guard dogs. I can drive to Rangiora or down Tram Road (which can be a lonely road at night) without worrying about car-jacking.

It’s no wonder so many South Africans head off to live in Oz or NZ.

All houses in Johannesburg have this sort of security gate and fencing - usually topped with razor wire.

This is a pretty sitting room but you have to sit behind security grills.

You can't just walk out the back door. You need two keys to unlock this security grill; then more keys to open up the back door itself.

Most houses in J'Burg have burly guard dogs.