The friend we are visiting in Cape Town lives in an area on the higher slopes of Table Mountain. He’s bought a house that, in Oz, we’d call a renovator’s dream – meaning you’ll be doing an awful lot of work to make it more habitable. The house next door to him is worth upwards of Rand 6 million, which is around NZ$940,000. And it’s no huge mansion.

But I guess when you live within spitting distance of Table Mountain, and have sweeping views of the city, your house can command a hefty price tag. Our friend took us on a drive around the streets slightly higher than where he lives and was telling us that homes here are R10 million plus.

Actually, the NZ dollar is currently running at 6.4 to the South African Rand, so for once we New Zealanders can buy more bang for our buck! Mmmm….maybe we could sell our property and buy a luxury Cape Town home. Ah, no thanks: I value the safety of NZ more than having a huge house with Table Mountain looming over it.

I was a bit reluctant to whip out my camera as most of these luxury homes had security guards either out front (and one I saw was sporting a gun) or patrolling the inner perimetre of the property. Didn’t fancy getting hauled off thanks. But I did manage to get a few iPhone shots of a couple of homes in the area, including our friend’s renovator’s dream. He’s gutted the inside of the house and thinks he has about a year’s worth of renovation to do. At the end of this tiresome process, he hopes to flog the house for R7 million or more and shoot through to Brazil or New Zealand.

Our friend's house.

I like the conservatory on the left-hand side of this house.

Might be an ordinary looking house but look at the backdrop!

A lot of houses have a Spanish feel to them and are painted in white, ochre or yellow colours.