One of the reasons we came to South Africa was for hubs to have laser eye surgery. In New Zealand, to do both eyes would cost us around NZ$5,000 per eye. But here in Johannesburg, he had both eyes done yesterday for R14,000 (or around NZ$2,200).

Today, hubs is in a fair degree of discomfort and is a bit like a grumpy old bear. But the surgeon reviewed his work this morning and declared hubs to be healing well. I think hubby was a tad disappointed to hear this because it means La Familia will now stop fawning all over him and feeling sorry for him.

Anyway. I now have no access to a decent computer. This old relic of a PC  I’m using belongs to my sister-in-law and even she won’t use it. Frankly, I think it should be donated to a museum. It takes ages to log onto the Internet. I can’t upload photos either – so basically, dear reader, I’ll be MIA for about one week.

I’m dying to return home to NZ. I find J’Burg boring with a capital B. If you don’t like shopping centres and game parks, well frankly there’s not much to do. You can’t just go out onto the streets and walk. Well, you can: but you would need to be super cautious and on guard. Better to stay safely behind all the security fences I guess. Sigh.

But on my return there is plenty to tell you about. Until then dear reader!