We picked up Zeph and Zsa Zsa from the breeder’s yesterday. They enjoyed a 3 week canine vacation. Apparently, Zeph has found a girlfriend and is besotted with a liver and white Pointer named Coco. Little ZZ also has an admirer. She has also lost her puppy fat. She needed to drop some weight and the breeder put her on a slimming regime.

When we arrived at the kennels, our friend Stephanie was on duty. She has five Pointers and usually works there on Tuesdays but the breeder was off at weekend dog shows. Stephanie adores Zeph and Zsa Zsa and told us that she had placed them in a special area away from the other dogs to await our arrival. She fed the other dogs and said Zeph and ZZ were miffed they weren’t getting any dinner.

When they heard our voices, they literally went nuts. Zeph was howling away and I thought ZZ would go airborne as her tail was moving so fast. Stephanie managed to get some photos but as everyone was moving so fast, the photos were either blurry or heads and tails were chopped off.

At home, Zeph immediately inspected his domain. He checked in with the horses and I think he got a fright when he saw Saffy. She is much bigger than when he last saw her three weeks ago. They sniffed noses and Saffy showed no fear. Meanwhile, little ZZ rushed off to her food bowl to see what was on offer. Sad face when she realised her slimming regime would continue.

In Cape Town, we bought them both special collars. I couldn’t find a pink collar for ZZ so had to settle for a red and white diamante studded number on black leather with a gold paw print tag. For Zeph, we chose a rather mainly brown leather collar with stripes. His collar cost R193.00 or around NZ$31.00. Zsa Zsa’s collar is suitably called a Glamour Queen collar and cost R247.00 or around NZ$40.00. Pretty good considering I couldn’t find anything remotely interesting in the way of dog collars here in the South Island of NZ.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa are literally clawing at the gate to get to us. Check out Zeph - he has his front left paw draped over Zsa Zsa.Too cute!

The gold tag on Zsa Zsa's collar.

She wouldn't stay still for the camera but this is Zsa Zsa's Glamour Queen collar.

Zeph's collar.

We bought the collars from Planet Woooof at the Cape Quarter lifestyle shopping centre in Green Point, Cape Town. http://www.capequarter.co.za