As the Australian “politician”, Pauline Hansen, once said: please explain. I spotted this sign on a table at a cafe in Johannesburg. Call me an old goat but I see no reason why you can’t say waiting staff or just plain old staff.

I 100%, totally, absolutely HATE the ridiculously politically correct word waitron. I get it; it’s a neutral alternative to waitress or waiter but just sounds like some robot to me. If we must be PC, then why not use wait staff or waiting staff – although I must say waiting staff sounds like a bunch of people hanging around waiting with nothing to do.

I must be getting old but seems to me we have taken political correctness to such extremes that often our individual expressions and behaviours are stifled by law. Okay, sometimes that’s a good thing; but sometimes it’s just plain laughable. Next, we’ll be hearing terms like the ones I found on this site:

  • Stolen non-human animal sweetener – Honey;
  • Caucasian culturally-disadvantaged – White trash;
  • Chemically-challenged – Drug addict;
  • Chronologically-gifted – Old.

Some of the terms are very funny but some – well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them soon.