I knew it. Zsa Zsa was very upset that we were going away. She knew the signs: packing of our suitcases and packing of the dogs’ leashes and soft toys, ready to go to the breeder’s kennels. On the drive to the kennels, she looked morose and sauntered off with the breeder without one look back at me. I took my iPhone to South Africa with me. It was loaded with photos of Zeph and little Zsa Zsa, along with snaps of my horses. During the three weeks away, I really missed them all so the photos kept them close to me.

I also know that Zsa Zsa has great ambition. She is such a diva dog and fancies herself as the prettiest female English Pointer on the planet. And now that she has her new sparkling diamante collar, I’m not going to argue with that.

But who knew she would go to such lengths, not only to remind me of her but to establish her own brand. Here I was, strolling through The Glen shopping centre in Johannesburg when I came across a display in a central area. It was full of bags branded Zsa Zsa. No doubt it was stuffed full of photos of herself.

Hee hee! I plan to take over the world with my Zsa Zsa-branded line of canine products!