Zeph’s identity crisis continues. He’s not sure if he’s a horse, a goat or an English Pointer. His current obsession is with Saffy, the foal. Every morning, he rushes out to greet her. They touch noses. It’s all too cute. But sometimes he pushes Saffy’s buttons. Like the time he sniffed her rear-end and nearly received a foal kick in return. Actually, foals are VERY playful and you have to be really careful you don’t accidentally get clipped by a flying hoof or two.

Saffy is a bold girl. She shows no fear around Zeph and Zsa Zsa. Little ZZ keeps her distance but Zeph wades in where angels fear to tread. He seems to have good horse sense but when I saw him between Karma (Saffy’s mum) and Saffy the other day, I was a tad worried. I mean, Karma is no light-weight. She’s a very sturdy Welsh girl. But both of them were ignoring Zeph as he inspected the hay that was on the morning horse menu.

Then, later in the morning, I spotted Zeph in the arena, sunning himself on the mounting block. Or does he think he’s a horse and was practising some moves in the arena?! And Rosie was in the arena at the same time. I often let her at liberty in the arena as the surface is good for roughening up the hooves. I later saw them together sniffing at some weed that was sprouting up. Ah, horses and dogs!