From time to time, I spot a quote I just love. In Johannesburg, hubs and I went to Clearwater shopping centre with his niece, Priscilla, and her hubby, Carlos. Sounds like we spent a lot of time in shopping centres but alas, due to hub’s eye op, that’s really all we could do as he couldn’t see a whole lot. So we just walked around quietly, usually with family members.

In the late 1990s, I worked in the United States for a bit with a technology company. Mainly, it involved talking about a software implementation and I was going from city to city with sales people on the lecture circuit. At every airport, I usually had to stop for a Cinnabon roll or two. I became fairly well addicted to them.

And there we were in the shopping centre and I spotted Cinnabon. Hubs didn’t know what Cinnabon was all about but Priscilla and Carlos knew and headed us off to pick up a treat or two. I had some sticky chocolate thing that was frankly way too sweet for me – I could only eat half of it.

But right in front of Priscilla was this great Cinnabon sign that said Life Needs Frosting. And so it does!

Priscilla agrees: Life Needs Frosting.