I’ve been talking about the Portuguese cafe, Cafe Bembom, in Johannesburg. It’s a thriving cafe and extremely popular. On one Sunday morning, we had to line up just to get in.

My sister-in-law always has a croissant with mozzarella cheese and the croissant has custard in it. At first, I thought this sounded really odd and didn’t try it. I stuck with my toasted ham and tomato sandwich, accompanied by a palmier. She would also have a galão, which is espresso with foamed milk. I had this every day in Portugal the few times hubs and I have been there. I didn’t think the galão was quite as good at Cafe Bembom but I didn’t try the galão Bembom. This might have been better as I think it’s based on condensed milk.

Anyway. I eventually succumbed to the custard croissant thing and anticipated it would be too sweet, despite the mozzarella. But no. It had a very thin layer of custard, which imparted a touch of sweetness. I’m not sure what sort of custard it was but it was subtle. One of these croissants for breakfast is enough to take you through to dinner, let me tell you. An unusual but tasty combination.

Inside Cafe Bembom.

Croissant with custard and mozzarella cheese. Yummo!