I’ve told you somewhere on this blog that my Dad (and his mother, my grandmother) were Christian Scientists. No, that’s not the same as Scientology or some weird cult. Christian Science is what I grew up with so I have zippo experience with the Catholic religion.

During our time in South Africa, we attended a Baptism. The son of the sister of hubs (i.e. his nephew) married a couple of years ago and, in May 2011, they welcomed their cute baby, Isabela, into the world. Actually, Isabela shares the same birthday as her mum, Carla.

So we attended the Baptism and I really had no idea what was going on. There was a lot of reciting from Biblical verses and answering the Priest’s questions. We then went off to a Portuguese restaurant for lunch. I think that Carla had decorated each table, which had silver and gold crosses scattered over the tablecloth and pink butterfly nameplates. The Baptism cake was pink and white and the menu was printed in pink too.

The food was Portuguese-themed with LM Grilled Chicken Trinchado being a favourite for me. LM stands for Lourenço Marques and was the former name for the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. Lourenço Marques was a Portuguese navigator. Trinchado signals that the dish will be spicy with a rich sauce. But the highlight for me was the chocolate mousse. I’m a great fan of anything chocolate but when it comes to mousse, I’m a bit fussy. It has to be light and fluffy and I don’t like dark chocolate mousses.

I left room for the desert portion of the Baptism feast and headed off to the buffet area. I was met with a very dark chocolate-looking mousse. I decided to load up and sooooooo glad I did. It was light, fluffy and tasted divine. I went back for seconds, hoping no-one would really notice. And after scoffing two servings of choc mousse, I was handed a HUGE piece of Baptism cake. I attempted to decline but you don’t decline the Portuguese when it comes to food.

I took two of my plastic fantastic cameras with me – the Diana F+ Edelweiss Edition and the Superheadz Pink Dress – and snapped away at the Baptism. A lot of people looked at my Diana F+ with an odd expression on their faces. A few asked me “is that a camera?”. I am hoping the film turns out okay. My challenge is going to be finding a developer in Christchurch, although I believe there’s one nearby in Rangiora. Note to self: check that out this week.

My nameplate.

The Baptism cake.

My plastic fantastic cameras fit right into the colour theme of the Baptism. I didn't know this ahead of time when I chose what cameras to take on the trip!

Priscilla and Carlos. Priscilla is the niece of hubs and the sister of Isabela's father, Alex.

This is my sister-in-law, Manuela, with Isabela (who is her grand-daughter).

Manuela, Alex, Isabela and Carla.