How the heck do you walk in these shoes? They seem to be the trend for Autumn in Johannesburg. Practically every shoe shop I checked out in J’Burg had these towering platform shoes and the ones in the photo below are nowhere near as towering as others I saw. Some had crazy patterns and some were in plain colours.

I’d be too scared to totter around in these shoes. My ability to walk even in flat shoes is questionable. I’m a bit clumsy I’m afraid. You can imagine my angst in Rome dear reader. All those cobblestone streets with stones that were often shiny (ergo slippery) or jutting out and ready to stab you in the heel.

I have great admiration for the stylish Italian women who can teeter around in high heels on the cobblestones, whilst looking elegant and not making an ass of themselves (like I did) by slipping or falling.