There are a lot of rich people in South Africa. We visited a special eco-estate that is basically a gated luxury community. There are only two roads into this community and both are heavily guarded. Once inside, you simply cannot believe the houses. Well, mansions really. It’s like everyone is building a Taj Mahal and trying to outdo each other. Frankly, I was a little uncomfortable with such displays of wealth in a country with very poor people.

But I can appreciate a luxury home when I tour one. The mansion we visited has just been completed and has the most amazing feature – a huge rock structure on the bottom level. The person who built the house and showed us around explained that removing the rock would be costly and so why not make a feature out of it? The rock itself is lit by back lights and has a lovely gold pink tone to it. To the left of the rock is a huge slab of marble complete with embedded fossils.

Roaming freely around the estate are wild animals such as giraffe and zebra. I’ll show you some zebra pics in my next post. You can literally walk out your front door and find a zebra standing looking at you. There are three dams in the estate for all the animals to drink from and congregate.

The mansion in this post is to be sold for around Rand 32 million (or around NZ$5.2 million) but we also saw a mansion that had been sold for Rand 87 million. My head was spinning. I live in a small New Zealand rural farm house surrounded by muddy paddocks and hay barns. Whilst I wouldn’t mind living in one of the mansions I did find that everyone was living on top of everyone else. It was luxury suburbia.

There were actually two kitchens in this mansion and they were HUGE.

One of the bathtubs has built in headrests!

Back view of the mansion.

The rock feature on the bottom level.

This slab of marble next to the rock is embedded with fossils.

Main foyer area.

Main staircase with AMAZING chandelier.

Amazing chandelier.

Swimming pool with outdoor shower area.

Front view of the mansion.