Saffy was born on Christmas Day 2011, so she is now three months old. And I haven’t killed her. Miracle really since she is my first foal. And what a foal she is turning out to be. She’s just like her mum, Karma, strong-willed and independent. That’s a characteristic of the breed, Welsh ponies. But just like her mum, she has a very sweet nature.

Every day, I spend heaps of time with Saffy. This is part of her schooling and building up trust between human and horse. She is totally comfortable with me vigorously rubbing her belly or gently tugging her ears. She is first to greet me in the morning and inspects the hay I deliver to the horses. She’s now had a foal halter on and wasn’t fazed by it one bit.

The most amazing aspect of my relationship with Saffy is how trusting she is. The other day, she was sitting in the paddock when I popped in to spend some time with her. I knelt down next to her and she reclined and dozed off. She was right at my feet and I patted her belly and neck as she snored. Well, not quite snoring but big puffs. She stretched her legs out and slept for about ten minutes.

Karma was busy eating and occasionally glanced over to make sure her foal was okay. But Karma knows I look after Saffy very well. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to hold Saffy’s head in my lap next time.

Saffy's first time wearing a foal halter.

Saffy fast asleep in the sun.

I gently patted her neck and belly whilst she dozed. The world's most amazing foal!