No, it’s not me living in fear; it’s The Point-in-ator’s last soft toy. Zsa Zsa (or The Point-in-ator as we often now call her) has a habit of destroying any dog toy within spitting distance. It doesn’t take her long to zero in on her target. Rather like a heat-seeking missile.

Her last toy is a large soft green star with a smiley face. Here it is lying on the ground outside, waiting in fear; knowing that its fate is to soon meet The Point-in-ator.

Actually, I tell a lie. Zsa Zsa (and Zeph) have one more dog toy. My great Aussie mate bought them two special, upmarket rubber chickens. Henrietta has already been destroyed but Grampa has been stored away for special occasions. I’m not really sure what those special occasions would be though, so maybe I should bring Grampa out.

The soft green star has been zeroed in on by The Point-in-ator. She sniffed at it; pawed at it; then thrashed it around. It didn’t take long for her to sink her teeth into it. This is her strategy – find a weak spot in the soft toy, sink the fangs in and then start pulling out the stuffing. I have found toy stuffing all over the property thanks to this little English Pointer.

It depends on what mood she is in. If it’s a good mood, she’ll thrash the toy around and share it with Zeph. Then she’ll be distracted by something else and abandon it for a few days. This happened to the green star after its first play date with The Point-in-ator.

I am considering buying her a few more soft toys. The one the breeder said was indestructible did last longer than most – but it eventually met its fate. And now the green star lies abandoned in the grass, living in fear of its next meeting with The Point-in-ator.

The Point-in-ator zeroes in on her target.

She thrashes it to the ground to test how easy it will be to destroy.

More thrashing and testing.

In a good mood, The Point-in-ator decides to share her toy with Zeph.

The Point-in-ator quickly discovers the toy's vulnerable point - note the hole.

But because she's in a good mood today - she abandons the toy to lie in the grass and await its next play date.