Princess Zsa Zsa (aka The Point-in-ator) has a thing about butterflies and flies. Butterflies she loves to chase. She’s often frolicking in a paddock and leaping into the air as she chases a white butterfly or two.

But flies I think she hates. I’m with her on that. In Oxford, we have cluster flies. These little bastards like to enter a house and then hibernate. And they hibernate in roof spaces or attics and this is why they are also known as attic flies. You enter a room and find lots of the dead little bastards on a windowsill. You can vacuum every day until you’re blue in the face. It’s useless because more simply appear the very next day.

Just check out this photo (which is not mine; the source is here).

Thank God our house doesn’t have THIS many flies! I’d die if I saw so many flies in any of the rooms in the house. Over the last two years living in New Zealand, I’ve learnt that these little bastards like nothing better than a room that is closed. We used to keep two rooms on the top storey shut because we hadn’t unpacked everything after our move from Australia and they were storage rooms for us. But now we’re unpacked and settled so all rooms are open and I’ve noticed a huge decrease in cluster flies.

And the The Point-in-ator is proving to be worth her very weight in gold. Like she does with her soft toys, she stalks her prey, zeroes in on it and then thrashes it to death. With the cluster flies, she simply out-stares them as you can see from the photo below. And should the fly move, she dashes after it and I’ve seen her catch many. She thrashes her head around and tries to chew them but realizes they taste disgusting (I presume; I haven’t tasted one). Then she spits them out – dead as a door nail.

Zsa Zsa, The Point-in-ator, in a showdown with a cluster fly, which is sitting on the side of a kitchen cabinet.

The fly lost its nerve and flew off. But The Point-in-ator was faster and caught it in mid-air. My iPhone couldn't keep up with the frenzied action.