In Oz, we had two water features. Our two-storey house was on a steep slope and spanned four terraced-levels of native bush. On the upper terrace, hubs built a raised garden bed with a fountain. It was originally called The Italian Garden but, when my mum came to live with us for the two years before she died (in 2007), we renamed it Shirley’s Garden as she loved to sit in the sun whilst looking at the garden. Here’s a photo. You can’t see the fountain but it’s in the centre and the statues were made by our next door neighbour, Jenny.

The middle level of the garden area had a small feature pool hubs built for my mother. One day, she was leaning over the railing on the upper storey of the house and looking down on not much more than native bush. She declared it would be nice to see a trellised area with seats and a pond with fish. I looked at her, like “oh yeah, right“. Next thing I knew, hubs was out digging and ordering timber. He built a gorgeous area for her and planted all sorts of natives, before installing gold fish in the pond. I can’t seem to locate a photo to show you; I think it’s on an old computer that blew up.

Anyway. I decided that we are missing a tranquil area for me to sit in here on our NZ property. There is the Secret Garden and I’ve recently weeded it (before succumbing yet again to seasonal hayfever) but Zeph and Zsa Zsa mainly use this to run around and play in. It’s to one side of the house and behind a large willow and cherry blossom tree.

A small stream runs through The Secret Garden and continues on under a bridge so hubs thinks it’s an ideal area to build a water feature. He’s not telling me just yet what this water feature will be – guess that will be a surprise. But the wooden seat he built for me is already ensconced under a tree.

The seat ready and waiting for me.

But first the pond has to be constructed.