There’s still some things I need to show you from my time in Rome. And speaking of Rome, I’m due back soon. The contract discussions are taking place now; so wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in Rome late April/early May. Good weather time actually. Not too hot but getting warm. And my good Kiwi mate might be joining me in Rome for a few weeks in May or June. I’ll be over there for two months. Just imagine the eating and shopping we can do!

Anyway. I can’t remember where this shop is in Rome. I’m pretty sure it was a kitchen display shop. What intrigued me were the animals on the side walls. There was a fox, horse and cat – all dressed up in fancy shirts. I’m not sure what the connection with kitchenware was but it is just another example of the attention to detail the Italians have.

It was the weekend and the shop was shut so I couldn’t go in and ask about the animal displays. I also had to take dodgy iPhone shots through the glass window.