Zeph hearts Latte of course but he also has a thing for cute wee Saffy, the foal. Mabel and her babies now have a huge goat-proof fenced area, so Zeph doesn’t always see Latte every day. But he does see Saffy every day and they seem to really get on well.

The other day, Saffy was basking in the sun. We’ve had a couple of stunning weeks of sunny, warm days and the horses love to sleep in the sun or just stand soaking up the rays. I went into the paddock to spend some time with Saffy, only to find Zeph in there already.

They were both sitting down a short distance from each other and just staring off into space. By the time I whisked my iPhone out, Zeph had turned his head away from Saffy because he heard a noise from the house. Before this though, he and Saffy were facing each other and just sharing time together. Way too cute!