You need to know your blood group when you visit Bangkok’s blood type cuisine restaurant, The Third Floor. My Thai sis, Lalida, took us here when we were in Thailand late last year. The idea behind the restaurant is that eating certain foods that are compatible with your blood group is more natural and healthier.

I had to really think about my blood type (which I’m pretty sure is O) and consult the menu to see what foods were suggested. I seem to remember reading ages ago that the O blood type is considered the world’s oldest human blood group. So people with type O should be eating the diet of early humans, which I guess consisted of legumes, fruit, vegetables and whatever meat they could lay their hands on.

This is what The Third Floor recommends:

For the O blood type, a high protein diet consisting of red meat is suggested. Problem with that is I’m not such a fan of red meat. It also suggests a low-carb diet. Not a great fan of that either given the controversy over whether low-carb diets actually make us fatter.

The Third Floor serves up Thai and international cuisine and it’s organic and served with spelt flour noodles and brown rice. I simply can’t remember what I ordered but I do remember I enjoyed it and the atmosphere of the restaurant. I was remiss in not taking photos of the dishes we ordered, so guess you’ll have to schlepp to Bangkok to sample the food.