I’m going to try and branch out into some colours soon. Maybe lavender eyeshadow or the palest of blues. I don’t want to be accused of looking like something from the 1960s though, so gotta be careful with any blue eyeshadow.

For this FOTD, I’m afraid it’s the usual neutrals. And I’m using some of my favourite products of the moment (which I’m sure will change by next week being the makeup junkie I am). Actually, I tell a lie – the bronzer and the lipstick I regularly wear.

So here’s what I used.


  • My current go-to foundation – Innoxa Line Defying SPF 20 makeup in Linen. This is a lovely, weightless foundation and I’m turning to it more and more (my other favourite being Revlon’s PhotoReady liquid foundation in Vanilla). Coverage is full without being heavy or mask-like. I used an Artiste #17 stippling brush to apply.
  • Primer is Clarins’ Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. Honestly, I’m not impressed with this product. It’s too greasy. It supposedly glides onto the skin and creates an invisible veil, which hides nasty pores. It glides on alright – it basically slides – but that could be because I have combination skin. I wouldn’t buy this product again but will use it up.
  • Concealer is the NZ legendary product – Thin Lizzy Concealer Creme in Miss Von Dita. I’m into my third tube now; it’s such a great concealer. Creamy without being sticky or too thick and always provides good coverage.
  • e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting powder. I mainly used the green powder as it neutralises any redness. Normally, I apply Moisture Mist Green Veil underneath the foundation as a skin correcting primer. I like the e.l.f. multi-coloured powder as it seems to even out skintone and absorbs excess oil. I say seems to as I’m still trialling it. I’m not entirely convinced it’s the best thing on the planet and I think that Revlon’s PhotoReady Translucent Finisher might be better. I applied the e.l.f. powder with a Napoleon Perdis Finishing Powder brush.


  • I used Sephora’s Almost Nude #9 eyeshadow palette. It’s a lovely collection of four taupe and earthy colours, along with a matte liner. I used the nude beige colour (left hand side, second row) as the base colour and overlaid this with the pink champagne colour (right hand side, top row). I lined the top lid with the matte eyeliner.
  • I lined the bottom lash line with Gunmetal from Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette (far right of palette).


  • Rimmel Natural Bronzer #21 Sun Light. This is one of my fav bronzers because it does seem to give a very natural glow. I do think that darker skin tones would struggle with this bronzer as it wouldn’t show up very well.