I love watching YouTube videos where gals show you what’s in their handbag (or purse for my American friends, who now outstrip NZ readers of this blog). My grandmother and mother both had a thing for handbags. I certainly lay the blame squarely at their feet for my penchant for handbags.

Before moving from Australia to New Zealand, we held several garage sales. I sold off quite a few handbags but certainly didn’t part with my two beloved Mandarina Duck bags. I did buy two handbags in Rome last year but since then nada, zippo, nothing. Until I wandered into a Forever New shop and fell in LURVE.

I first came across Forever New in Christchurch. Even though it’s an Aussie company, I never saw it in Sydney. Whilst in South Africa recently, I saw Forever New there and decided to check out what this store is all about last week when I was in Christchurch.

I was browsing the clothes and looked up to see this GAW-JUS rose-beige handbag. Love at first sight. The tassels and gold detailing are a stand-out feature of this bag, known as the Bridgette Day Bag. I paid NZ $79.00 for it; so clearly it’s not leather but I don’t care. I also bought the cutest metal cuff marked down to NZ $12.00 that I’ll show you in a future post.

But back to the bag. I thought I’d do a What’s In The Handbag? post featuring my pretty pink bag. Actually, there’s a lot less in this handbag than I used to lug around when I worked full-time. All that’s in it are keys to the house and my car; my Mandarina Duck wallet (which I bought in Rome at a 50% off sale and cost NZ $36.00); sunglasses; and my Disaster Designs (UK) Flutters & Fancies Makeup Bag.

When I unpacked this makeup bag to take a photo of what’s inside it, I realised that I’m carrying around way too many lipsticks and lipglosses. But then again, you can never have too many lipsticks and lipglosses if you ask me. 🙂

So here’s what’s in my handbag.

Forever New Bridgette Day Bag.

Loving the tassels and the gold detailing.

The bag features cute side exposed zips.

The back of the bag has a handy zippered compartment.

Being such a feminine girl, Zsa Zsa can’t resist posing with the bag.

Gorgeous lining inside.

My Mandarina Duck wallet.

I bought this leather red heart keyring in some design shop in Rome.

Cancer Council “Kelso” sunglasses with polarised lenses. They protect the eyes really well and I like the simple gold detailing.

How cute is this? Disaster Designs Flutters & Fancies makeup bag.

Reverse side.

There’s a lot inside!

Told you there was a lot inside. The Evolu lip balm (NZ brand) is fantastic. The pills are for the headaches I occasionally get – probably from lugging around the makeup bag.