Last weekend, we stayed for two nights at a bach owned by Kiwi friends on Lake Oahu. A bach is what New Zealanders call small, self-contained holiday cottages or what Aussies would call a holiday shack. I’ll post some photos of the stunning scenery of Lake Oahu but the point of today’s post is to show you my exciting find.

I travelled down with my friend and her 15 year-old son. Hubs came down later that night with my friend’s hubby. On the way to Lake Oahu, we had the BEST takeaway food I’ve had in ages (will show you a photo soon) and we stopped off at a second-hand shop in Mayfield. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the shop but, since Mayfield is small town rural New Zealand, you won’t miss it.

We spent about an hour ferreting through the treasures of the 1970s and the spectacularly bad clothing of the 1980s. Along the way, I spotted two faux fur short jackets – one was a silver pearl colour and the other was an orange marmalade. Both looked to be in great condition and the silver-coloured coat fit perfectly.

It was NZ$20.00 and I was contemplating how I could beat the price down when, in one of those coincidences in life, I ran into the owner of The Painted Room – a Christchurch-based treasure trove of oddities and retro items. We chatted for a bit and I asked her whether she thought the jacket was from the 1970s. I thought it was but she checked it over and declared it was from the 1960s and was a very good find.

She also thought the simulated fur came from Belgium with the jacket being designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Enough said! And so I’m now the owner of a snuggly warm, silver pearl-coloured faux fur jacket from the 1960s, which was mighty handy over the two brisk days at Lake Oahu.

I’m just hoping no-one throws paint at me because they mistakenly think I’m wearing real fur.