By the time you read this post, I’ll be in Rome again. I’m here for two months and working for a specialised agency of the United Nations – same place as last year, same project. I’ll be joined by two people I hired earlier this year and we’ll be focusing on knowledge management. My direct responsibility though is to design and launch a global knowledge-sharing platform for water and irrigation professionals and we’ll be launching the network in Stockholm in late August (that will mean more travel for me). So I’m on the road for a few months.

But hey, I’m boring you. What you really want to know is how I’ll be coping without Zeph and Zsa Zsa and the horses, particularly my wee foal, Saffy. Well, I could do the whole stiff upper lip thing and say I’ll be fine. But reality is that I’ll miss them all terribly (and hubs too of course!). My iPhone is loaded up with photos of them all.

Not sure where I’ll be staying just yet. One of my Rome colleagues will be locating an apartment for me. The last apartment, although gorgeous, was way too expensive. International consultants get a Daily Subsistence Allowance or DSA – and this time I really have to keep within the budget. I’d love to stay in Testaccio or Garbatella – both areas are vibrant and full of great cafes and restaurants. My preference would be for Testaccio. But for the first week, I’ll be staying in a small hotel right behind the apartment I rented last year.

The pressure will really be on me this time around because I have to finish the project on time and this includes working with software developers in South Africa. Wish me luck dear reader!

I am REALLY going to try to curb my purchasing. Yeah, right. You’re in Italy!! One thing I promise you I’ll be purchasing is Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette – I’ll be making a beeline for Sephora. No argument. I’ve now finished up my Korean skincare stuff and although it’s extremely good, I didn’t repurchase for two reasons: concerns over nano-particles and the cost. So I’m taking with me a New Zealand brand of skincare – Antipodes. I haven’t used this range before and it will be interesting to see how it performs. It’s heating up in Rome and my skin always has a tantrum in hot weather. Antipodes is a certified organic range so I’m expecting a lot from the products.

And, in SHOCK news, I’ve pared right back on the makeup. Yes, really. I’m sure I’m still taking too much but I am anticipating that I’ll run into some Italian makeup that I won’t be able to resist. So I’ve made some room in my makeup bag. I’ll do a post soon on what’s in the makeup bag that will see me through two months in Italy.

One product I certainly intend to track down is a toothpaste I bought last year in Rome. Actually, I bought two: Marvis and L’Angelica. As much as I like Marvis toothpaste, the L’Angelica one is superb. It’s 100% natural and the tube I bought is for sensitive teeth and contains calendula and melissa. I’ll be buying a few tubes of this baby.

Well, dear reader: ciao for now. Not sure how often I’ll be able to post. I’ll be in a hotel for the first week and I have a huge workload so it may not be the Daily Rome blog. But don’t hit the unsubscribe button as I’ll eventually be bringing you lots of photos and news of my sojourn in Roma.