So I travelled to Rome via Sydney where I stopped off for two days. Then it was a 14.5 hour flight to Dubai; a stop-over of four hours; and then a 6 hour flight to Rome. Thankfully, I did this in Business Class on Emirates’ A380. This plane is a luxury flying hotel and I’m amazed it can actually take off considering how humongous it is.

I can’t fault Emirates (not that I’m trying to). Each Business Class passenger has a comfy seat that extends to form a flat bed, complete with a mattress. And there is a built-in mini-bar stocked with water and juice, along with a personal storage area and a privacy divider. The personal touchscreen controller turns your seat into a massage chair and the entertainment system has the most amazing selection of movies. One of my favourite old movies is Hitchcock’s 1951 thriller, Strangers on a Train, and guess what? It was available and I watched it whilst enjoying dinner.

And speaking of dinner – the food in Business Class was delish. I basically ate my way from Sydney to Rome. The standout for me was the lemon meringue pie I had as dessert, the Godiva chocolates and the freshly brewed coffee. Business Class also boasted an onboard lounge area where you hang around sampling hors d’oeuvres or snipping a cappuccino. Various snacks were also available including the warm roasted nuts Emirates kept serving up – addicted!

I really wasn’t looking forward to this flight. I know: I hear you saying “but you were in Business Class“. Yep, it does make things more comfy but you still get the jet lag, the fuzzy head and fluid retention. I tend to get bored after about 5 hours of flying and I rarely sleep on a plane. So I was imagining 14+ hours of sheer, mind-numbing boredom.

My doctor prescribed some sleeping tablets that I had no intention of taking but in the end thought I’d give it a go. Soooooooooo glad I did. I spent the first four hours of the flight awake, then knocked myself out. I woke up in time for breakfast (don’t you love my timing) and realised that there was only 1.5 hours to go. For the first time in my flying career, I had basically slept through most of the flight.

The stop-over in Dubai was tedious though. I had a shower to perk up and then hung around the Business Class lounge, gazing down on the Duty Free area. Then it was a 6 hour flight to Rome. Actually, I lie: it was 5 hours and something. Whatever. It was boring with a capital B. Business Class on this plane was ordinary; nothing compared to the A380. The seats weren’t as comfy and the food wasn’t as good, although I did enjoy a mezze plate of Middle Eastern tasty treats.

I arrived in Rome around 1.30pm Monday afternoon and vowed to stay awake until about 10.00pm. Yeah, right. That didn’t work out to plan. By 7.00pm I was zonking out, so gave in and entered dreamland. I woke up around 5.00am and dozed off again until about 7.00am when I bolted upright and realised that I was hungry. I had forgotten to have dinner the night before. Duh.

Anyway. Can’t promise I’ll do daily postings as the job here will keep me very busy. But I’ll try to bring you the sights of Rome as much as possible, including a post on Where Will I Be Living? I haven’t been able to locate an apartment yet and am booked into a (super-expensive) hotel until May 13. Then what? No idea. Stay tuned.

It's a flying hotel - Emirates' Business Class aboard the A380.

My seat.

You get a stash of water and juice, plus a touch screen to control your seat.

Airbus cam - hurtling down the runway as we take off from Sydney, bound for Dubai.

Just one of the amazing meals that Emirates offers up - this was my dessert of meringue pie, with Godiva chocolates and freshly-brewed coffee.

Who knew? The entertainment system featured some classic old movies, including a fav of mine - Hitchcock's 1951 thriller, Strangers on a Train.

The touchscreen shows you how to turn your seat into a massage chair.

The onboard Business Class lounge.

Scrumptious warm roasted nuts.