I’m obsessed with the sun. If you follow my blog, you know I run around slathered in sunscreen, worrying about the aging effect of UVA and UVB rays. I use two different sunscreens normally – SunSense Daily Face SPF30+ and Oasis Sun SPF30+ for arms, shoulders, legs and so on. Oasis is a New Zealand brand I really like – started by a woman who lives (or lived) right here in good old Oxford actually (NZ Oxford, not UK Oxford).

But I’ve read a lot about LaRoche Posey and its Anthelios XL sunscreen and how its supposed to be THE best sunscreen on the planet. Also said to be good for pale skins like mine. You can read all about the product here.

I haven’t come across LaRoche Posey in New Zealand so, when I clamped my eyes on it at a local pharmacy here in Rome, I snapped up a tube, which cost Euro 18.20. It’s SPF50+ so it will give me stronger UVA and UVB-ray protection. The only problem is that the Creme Fondant is supposed to be for normal to dry skin and I probably need something lighter. There was no English on any of the sunscreens, so I just had to select what I thought would do the trick. As long as it halts the nasty aging process dead in its tracks, that’s fine by me! I’ll do a review once I’ve road-tested the sunscreen.